Jessica Kimberling, Olathe, KS

Thank you KindCraft for giving our children, as well as families, opportunities to tangibly practice the qualities we as parents are instilling in our children. The timing of this exercise couldn’t have been better! -Jessica Kimberling, Olathe, KS after Be a Bucket Filler Event 2/22/17

Nora Whitcomb, Olathe, KS

This morning I had one of 1st graders bring me a bucket full of sweet words for me. Made my whole day and my heart smile. Thank you Kindcraft for an awesome event last night teaching kindness to others. Unfortunately the opposite was happening just minutes away from this event, a shooting happened and took someone’s life. I’m thankful for Kindcraft and their message of kindness and love. -Nora Whitcomb, Olathe, KS after Be a Bucket Filler Event, 2/22/17

Amanda Eisenmann, co-founder of Keeping KC Warm, Kansas City, MO

“Where do we begin? Last night we were given the amazing opportunity to be a part of KindCraft’s monthly service event with Uplift Organization Inc. Activities included the assembly of our Bare Necessity bags, a tour of Uplift’s service van and the chance to educate hundreds of adults and children about what homelessness is and how they can help. One of the best parts about last night was reading all of the cards that the children wrote to our Kansas City homeless community. The amount compassion, love, and empathy that they exuded through their words and drawings was immeasurable. 265 bags were filled last night and many more hearts will be filled through their messages!  Amanda Eisenmann, co-founder Keeping KC Warm 1/12/17

Afton Ratzlaff, Olathe, KS

“At this month’s Kindcraft event, we filled necessity bags for Keeping KC Warm to hand out to the homeless across the metro. The girls filled bags with items like chapstick, stocking caps, ponchos, emergency blankets, snacks, water, and hand warmers. They then made cards to be included. I’m so thankful for these Kindcraft events. For the opportunities to expose my children to the issues of the big world outside their home, not in a scary way, but an age appropriate manner that makes them really think and imagine what someone else could be going through. On the way home the girls mentioned a few times that they wouldn’t want to be homeless in this cold weather, and while standing outside for a few minutes, my daughter said she was really sad for everyone that had to sleep outside tonight. Hoping these events open my children’s eyes and hearts to others in need. Hoping that these events really help to push the message that above all else, kindness matters. If you’re looking for ways to teach your children about serving their community, I know Kindcraft would love to have you!” –Afton Ratzlaff 1/12/17

Mary Vanhooser, Olathe, KS

“It was educational for sure. My daughter has been doing argumentative essays for school. There’s a topic and they pick a side to argue. One topic recently was “Are homeless people lazy?” She decided to argue yes, they are. Tonight she turned to me and said, “I probably should have picked the other side for that essay, Mom.” I told her it’s always good to think of things from all sides but be willing to change your mind as you get more information.”-Mary Vanhooser after Keeping KC Warm 1/12/17

Skate for Kate Committee, Olathe, KS

“Thank you so much for your support and enthusiasm last week durng the “Skate for Kate” event. We could not have done it without your many amazing volunteers. KindCraft was a true blessing to us!  What a wonderful organization you are builiding.  We are certain that hundreds of lives are being blessed and changed, thanks to KindCraft and its compassionate families.” Skate for Kate Committee, April 2016

Amber Booth, Something To Eat, Kansas City, KS

Thanks for having us as one of your monthly service projects.  I’m amazed by what God is doing through you two, your families and your desire to serve.  I can’t stop telling people about KindCraft!  Keep up the great work. Amber Booth, Kansas City, KS 2/3/16

Amy Tompkins, Olathe, KS

“Love the conversations we had coming home. Both girls loved that we worked as a family to help those that dont have food. Mia even remembered the quote about having too much. She even suggested that we not buy too much, and use the money to help people. ♡♡♡” -Amy Tompkins, Olathe, KS 2/2/2016

Jessica Peltzer, Overland Park, KS

“Thank you enough for spreading your joy everywhere and rocket launching inspiring activities. When we left in the windy cold the girls didn’t have coats on and my daughter said, “Just imagine if we had to live out here like this with no warm clothes or a house. We’re so lucky we have a nice meal to come home to.” And we talked about the little girl in the pink dress from the video most of the way home. Love hearing my kiddos empathize about others’ not so great situations and realizing how fortunate we are. We’re never too young to learn “to whom much has been given, much will be expected.” Thanks for sparking such great family discussions and helping all of us build on such incredible lessons for our kiddos and ourselves.” Jessica Peltzer, Overland Park, KS 2/2/2016