Random Acts of KindCraft Kindness

Not sure how to use your Kindness cards???  Check out these creative ideas from some KindCraft kids!!

Leave quarters on a ride at a store.15230666_10209046278292070_8104597806572314490_nPay for the person behind you at a drive thru.

Tape quarters to Kindness cards and tape them to the soda and snack machine in the teacher’s lounge.15253408_10209046277812058_555986210955316903_n

Hand out flowers at the grocery store.


Tape quarters to a self service car wash.15179134_10209046275892010_8098478958450948771_n

Bring brownies to a nursing home. 15253581_10209046277012038_1757535735441691528_n

Make animal balloons and hand them out at a park or local pool.


Tape a dollar and a kindness card to toys at the dollar store.15192807_10209046277612053_5110766865706313447_nTape microwave popcorn to a Redbox stand.15219482_10209046277732056_1406888873436834276_nLeave some water for a thirsty pup! 

15220179_10209046278892085_2625808338501853948_nLeave a quarter in a cart at Aldi.

15202725_10209046279852109_8827336200258810609_nMake a cd for a friend a surprise them with it on their door.


Take someones newspaper that was delivered to their driveway to their door for them.

Bring a friend/coworker breakfast/coffee/treat in the morning to start their day off feeling good!

Take neighbor’s trash cans back up to house after they have been emptied onto truck.

Bake a treat with your kids and take to a neighbor/friend that you haven’t seen in awhile to let them know you are thinking of them.

Leave daddy a note in his gym bag or lunch telling him how much you love him.

Make cards and treats for the local fire department.

Take your trash AND a friends when you clear your table at lunch.

Bring a warm drink to the teachers who have drop off duty in the am.

Write a nice note to the crossing guard.

Offer to walk your elderly neighbor’s dog.

Hold the door open for a friend at school.

Help someone pick up if they spill something.

Draw a picture and send it snail mail to a friend or family member.


January 24 is KindCraft’s Random Act of Kindness Day.  Kindness Cards are available at the following locations AND at KindCraft events!

Kindness cards will serve a dual purpose. They encourage kids to share kindness and they will also help spread the word about our organization. The “Kindness Cards” come in packs of 10 for a suggested donation of $1.00. You can pick them up at our monthly events but they are also available at:

TeaElla (the comfy chic boutique) 14101 W 135th St. Olathe, KS 66062

Finan Chiropractic 9209 W 110th St Overland Park, KS 66210

Bearden’s Stained Glass 7600 Metcalf Ave Overland Park, KS 66204

S&G Family Dentistry 11313 Ash Street Leawood, KS 66211