Greetings from Iowa!!!

March 2017 brought a big change for not only KindCraft, but for my family. We learned we would be moving to Iowa so my husband could spend more time with our family. He was traveling a lot with his previous job and it was starting to take a toll on our family. This was an opportunity that we could not pass up, but it was heartbreaking for me to have to leave Courtney and KindCraft behind.

It has been a great move for my family, but my role with KindCraft has changed so much. Courtney and the team of volunteers in Olathe have done an amazing job with this transition. No one would even know I wasn’t there because she does such an amazing job with the events and getting the help we need to continue running KindCraft.

I have always been passionate about what we do with KindCraft. It’s so tough to find service opportunities for kids and we are smack dab in the middle of that situation again up here in Iowa. This is the reason Courtney and I had the crazy idea to come up with KindCraft and this is the reason I am writing this blog. I am not ready to start another KindCraft branch up here, as my family is still adjusting to a new way of life. I am going to use the blog though, as a way to encourage people to find opportunities where they are and to teach their kids about kindness and compassion. This is a way I can still contribute and be involved with KindCraft and my heart is overjoyed with that possibility!

There are so many people that are always looking for ways to get involved and we are hoping through this blog that we can encourage people wherever they are to get involved in our mission. Maybe your family couldn’t make it to the KindCraft event that month. Maybe your kids are overwhelmed with large groups and KindCraft events are not ideal for them. Maybe your husband or wife works long hours or travels and it’s not possible for you to get to the event. Maybe you live in another part of the country, like we do. Whatever the reason you can’t be at KindCraft events, we hope this will help give you ideas or opportunities that you can do and continue spreading our mission!

We miss you all and send lots of love your way,