I have been running into a lot of technology problems the last few weeks. My laptop died, my iphone’s battery was corrupt, and most recently my phone was stuck on the Apple logo and just wouldn’t log on. After spending a few hours of my time last week at my phone carriers, I was not thrilled about having ANOTHER issue with my phone.

This time I went directly to Apple. I missed an appointment I had previously scheduled due to the long wait time for tech support. The store was booming with business due to the approaching holidays, I assume. I received wonderful help, but the Apple employee told me what I didn’t want to hear. My phone was “toast”. It had a hardware issue and could not be fixed.

I had a feeling this might be the case, so I went on my way to my phone carrier’s location. I checked in at the front with the same gentleman who checked me in last week. He said the technician would be with me in just a few minutes.

As I waited in my chair for about 15 minutes, I kept watching the technician, who was NOT helping anyone, wondering why she wasn’t calling me. Then, an employee walked another customer over to her and she began to help him. I politely said, I believe I am next? I was told I needed to check in at the front and I calmly explained that I already did 15 minutes ago. Somehow there was a disconnect, and they didn’t have me down.

Rather than taking me next, they allowed the gentlemen after me to be helped before me. I didn’t agree with the store’s decision or the customer who didn’t seem to mind that I had been waiting. I think my face showed that I was not happy. I was frustrated to begin with and this didn’t help my mood.

I wasn’t being my normal bubbly, chatty self with the technician when my turn rolled around SEVERAL minutes later. I was polite, respectful, and calm-after all it wasn’t her fault I didn’t go next. But it is not how I would normally act.

Then I noticed her hair. It was a beautiful color, thick, and had that beachy wave that only my hairdresser can seem to get in my hair. And I was reminded of the post I shared for KindCraft this morning.

“When you see something beautiful in someone, tell them. It may take seconds to say, but for them it could last a lifetime.”

So I broke the silence and tension and said, “You have such pretty hair.” She smiled and we proceeded to talk about our hair and connected on that level, bonding over the challenges of thick, wavy hair. Immediately, there was a change. I was less tense; she was less tense. I was more forgiving of the store employees and decided to show grace instead of anger.  

I know this seems like such a small thing. Usually I give out compliments left and right. I notice things about people, and love to compliment others. I bet some think I do it too much! But it just comes naturally and is something I like to do. In this instance, I was feeling annoyed and stressed and could have easily not shared my thought with her because of my mood. But luckily I didn’t and we both benefited from it.

Do I think my comment will “last a lifetime” for this technician? I doubt it. But for that brief moment, I made her feel good and changed both of our moods for the better!

Try it! If you notice something beautiful in someone, tell them. And share your story with us! I bet you will inspire someone else as I hope this inspires you.

Oh and here’s my handy dandy loaner phone I get to have for the next few days!