Afton Ratzlaff, Olathe, KS

“At this month’s Kindcraft event, we filled necessity bags for Keeping KC Warm to hand out to the homeless across the metro. The girls filled bags with items like chapstick, stocking caps, ponchos, emergency blankets, snacks, water, and hand warmers. They then made cards to be included. I’m so thankful for these Kindcraft events. For the opportunities to expose my children to the issues of the big world outside their home, not in a scary way, but an age appropriate manner that makes them really think and imagine what someone else could be going through. On the way home the girls mentioned a few times that they wouldn’t want to be homeless in this cold weather, and while standing outside for a few minutes, my daughter said she was really sad for everyone that had to sleep outside tonight. Hoping these events open my children’s eyes and hearts to others in need. Hoping that these events really help to push the message that above all else, kindness matters. If you’re looking for ways to teach your children about serving their community, I know Kindcraft would love to have you!” –Afton Ratzlaff 1/12/17